About us

Graspway is a product developed and maintained by OpenSistemas. OpenSistemas is a company specialized in the development of highly innovative global projects and products related to the management, transformation, analysis, storage and visualization of data in Business Analytics, e-Learning, Big Data, Data Science and Data Engineering environments, helping our clients to enhance the strategic value of your information.

OpenSistemas bases this ability on its experience of more than a decade offering support, solutions and services related to Cloud, Education and Content Management environments in large international accounts and in the passion of its team for Open Source technologies, always under an approach of vocation of service to the client and of commitment with the community.

In each case the advantages of open source are strategically aligned with the needs of each sector. The cost savings of not paying license in many cases, the openness of the code and therefore its integration with third-party systems, in the case of more technological sectors or the freedom to copy and use open standards in the case of public environments make our solutions applicable on different fronts.


A Graspway deployment implies an integration project in each case. OpenSistemas, within the scope of that project undertakes to establish a guarantee of 1 year from the delivery of the software for production. This guarantee will cover the correct operation of the delivered developments, being understood as such their correct performance in the environment for which they were designed, in terms of systems and load.


For OpenSistemas, guaranteeing the quality and satisfaction of our customers is key at all levels of the organization. To achieve this, OpenSistemas has created OSIMS, OpenSistemas Integrated Management System, an integrated global management and improvement framework that brings together the company’s certified processes, as well as our own methodologies and working models created and tested over more than ten years of experience in software development and service delivery related to open source and Linux technologies. OSIMS includes ISO 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 20.000 certification.

Graspway LMS is under the terms of quality of OpenSistemas OSIMS ( Open Sistemas Integrated Management Framework )


OpenSistemas considers security one of the most relevant aspects within the scope of software development. At OpenSistemas we work continuously to offer the best standards of security and service to our customers, through the improvement of our processes and the progressive incorporation into our management framework for new management and improvement models. In addition, thanks to the use of cloud solutions, such as our mail service or document storage, we are achieving an energy saving of more than 80% with respect to previous years and, thus, we are contributing to the conservation of the environment by reducing our carbon footprint.