How to help children with e-learning during coronavirus

Due to the confinement imposed on society to avoid the risk of coronavirus infection, many schools have switched to e-learning. Others are choosing to combine online training with conventional training (albeit online).

The truth is that all these new changes can be somewhat complicated for the youngest members of the household. However, with the necessary time and dedication, great results will be achieved.

If you want to help children to adapt to e-learning, following this advice will be one of the best decisions. It is possible that this type of training will continue to be promoted once we finish the confinement during the state of alarm.

Tips to help children with e-learning

Regardless of the situation we are currently experiencing, it is more than evident that e-learning is the present and future of schools. Today, it is enabling young people to continue their education regardless of the current situation.

However, although it is a very widespread learning method among the adult population, it is often more complex for the youngest members of the household. Young children are usually more easily distracted and may reject this type of training by preferring to use the computer to watch videos on the Internet or play video games.

If we are talking about pre-school students, they are going to need content that entertains them and offers them direct contact with their teachers. For them, the best content will be video or audio.

Without a doubt, the contents should be fun: stories, interactive activities where from a story the child is asked to do a specific task, could be some of the most used formats these days.

In the case of students who are in primary school, they will have to opt for much more structured content. Video lessons will be ideal in this case. They may also choose to use interactive games.

For primary school children, they will have to alternate between real-time learning participation through virtual classrooms, with the content on paper in their workbooks and books.

Without a doubt, continuing these days with the training of the youngest is a challenge for both children and parents. However, the effort will be worth it.