Reasons to bet on E-learning during COVID-19

The truth is that we are at a time of great concern about COVID-19, and this is precisely what is causing many companies to consider the best way to continue training their employees. Today we have many options when it comes to digitizing the training that has traditionally been carried out in the organizations.

Gone is the time when the only way to continue expanding the skills of the team was to make a classroom course. More and more, online training is gaining ground, offering better results than conventional training.

Although there are many e-learning platforms on the market today, there are different aspects to choose from. The fundamental aspects to take into account are:

  • The price and payment method.
  • The level of security against hackers.
  • The ease of integration and analysis of metrics to better monitor students.
  • The fact that it is an attractive tool and that it allows for tailor-made courses.
  • The support it offers.
  • The ease of activation, management and use.

In short, that it is the integral e-learning solution best adapted to the needs of companies.

The importance of e-learning training during the quarantine by the COVID- 19

Although many users still think the opposite, online courses are not only for students or educational institutions but e-learning is something fundamental for companies.

It has been proven that businesses that bet on e-learning solutions for their employees, get their workers to have better professional skills, being more productive. We must emphasize that having a continuous training plan within the company, will make it more competitive in terms of services.

These weeks, due to the situation that we are living with the coronavirus, there are many employees who are taking advantage of online training courses, improving their skills. This causes that it is the optimal moment, to offer them the tool that gives answer to this necessity of knowledge.

Betting on e-learning during the coronavirus crisis by companies, has many advantages:

  1. All your employees will have up-to-date knowledge. This will allow you to provide even more complete services, without having to expand your staff.
  2. Workers who work in companies where their training is promoted are more stimulated, achieving better results and being more productive.
  3. A company that promotes e-learning will be making sure that its business is a reference in trends, constantly improving its processes and strategies.
  4. Including online training courses in your company will allow your employees to have a better balance between work and personal life.
  5. The level of motivation of your employees during their confinement will increase, offering them also an entertainment alternative that will improve their skills.

Luckily, more and more companies are realising the importance of implementing e-learning solutions as this type of training has so many advantages that it continues to gain followers.

Let’s talk about e-learning for companies

When we talk about online training, one of its keys is that it allows the pace of learning to be adapted to the time available to the student. In this way, a better balance between personal and professional life is achieved.

However, when we talk about e-learning solutions for companies, three other concepts come into play:

  • The ease of the platform.
  • The monitoring of the students.
  • Ease of integration with the web or corporate api.

For any company, time is money, so opting for a tool that is easy to use, both on the side of the student and the training manager will be key.

Graspway allows not only to upload e-learning courses, but to create them quickly and easily from the platform itself. To achieve all this, it combines the technology of Open edX, WordPress and G-core, and from the union of these technologies, a platform is achieved that does not require previous training to be able to use it, it has an easy integration and in addition, it allows to analyze the quality of the training that is being achieved.

And you, what are you waiting for to bet on e-learning for your company?