The LMS platform that grows with your Institution

Create, manage and measure hundreds of contents for thousands of students.

Experience different e-learning by getting the most out of your data.

Advanced educational institutions are gaining an advantage through data-driven programmes.

Easy LMS platform that prioritizes what is important

Grow with your students

Easy content management

Data-driven platform

Visual metrics

Provide certificates

OpenEdx - Graspway

We know what is important, so we partner with the Open edX platform

The e-learning platform that empowers the leading learning institutions in the world.

An intuitive learning environment for students and teachers

Always accesible through your personalised platform in cloud. Be in touch with your students through integrated forums, chats and videoconference services.

Segment your students and create training routes for different profiles, skill levels, topics, language, geographic locations… Or whatever you need!

Follow-up on your students, create simple or multi-choice tests and self-assesment evaluations, and provide your students with certificates.

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