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Why choose an incomplete LMS when you can have the best one?

Graspway is the LMS (learning management platform) created for you. Using our platform you can offer a unique and personalized learning experience to your students. Our training platform is specially designed for educators, training centers and companies as well as for students. With Graspway you will have the most complete learning platform that will cover all your needs in terms of training and corporate knowledge.

The most complete e-learning platform

In Graspway you can use all the features you need. In an attractive & easy way. Specially made for your students and for you.

Real-time metrics & data

All the data, metrics and reports you might need at the click of a button. It's that easy!

Comprehensive management from anywhere

Our LMS simplifies all processes by facilitating tailor-made training. You will be able to access and manage the platform from anywhere.

A unique learning experience

Graspway allows you to create a unique training experience, you will have the latest learning trends at your fingertips in a fast, easy and attractive way.

100% responsive

All the courses and training resources always available to your students, 24 hours a day, from any place, and device!

Customized training

With Graspway you will be able to do all the courses you need, totally customized. The training that your students have always dreamed of will become a reality with us.

More than an LMS

Graspway is the training platform you are looking for. We combine usability and efficiency, offering your employees and students the training experience they are looking for.

The LMS created for the user...

With Graspway you will create a totally intuitive learning environment for your students. In addition, you will be able to create from scratch and organize courses making them as attractive and interesting as possible for your users - a unique pedagogical experience!

Not enough for you? You should know that by having integrated different functionalities of Artificial Intelligence, Data Analytics and Machine Learning, your whole team will learn without realizing it.

...which can also be fully managed

Manage quickly, easily and intuitively all your internal corporate training and education processes. In addition, now you can have total control of: courses, itineraries, programs and corporate universities, configured for each profile.

In addition, with Graspway you will be able to request the learning level of your audience, monitoring the metrics. In this way, you can improve the learning experience using real data from your students.

The numbers guarantee the quality level of our LMS


More than 900 companies use our solution


More than 17,000 online courses


More than 40 million people learning

Keep pricing simple

Graspway Standard

Scalability, robustness, and the power of the Open edX® platform with all the best of WordPress: easy editing, great SEO behavior, and a huge range of extensions and themes available on the market, plus SSO and data-driven management of G-Core, our secret sauce.

  • Graphic adaptation to the needs, roles, content and categories.
  • Importation of users and data.
  • Landing page course for editors, students and administrators.
  • Deployment and parameterization on cloud.

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Graspway Advanced

The advanced version is intended for demanding learning applications under a more complex training process. Consequently, it allows to create a greater number of profiles and content categories and implements a platform with a multi-client approach. Graspway Advanced also presents a functional orientation to data, positioning itself as a tool close to the current approaches to Machine Learning and Learning Analytics.

  • Every single feature of the standard´s version.
  • Multi-site support. With messaging system.
  • Multiple role setting.
  • Category, theme & content settings.
  • g-Core extended reports and features

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Graspway Enterprise

Graspway Premium is the power of Data and Learning Analytics built on Graspway Advanced. It is important not only to see graphs, tables, filters, export files and so on: when you have a lot of users and courses, you need to use the data generated by your students to improve their training.

  • Course, student level and entity metrics.
  • Data pattern analysis.
  • Engagement metrics.
  • Machine learning algorithms

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