At Graspway, we are Fundae. What do we mean by this?

So, what does being Fundae-accredited exactly mean? It means that our platform has all the necessary features to meet the "must-haves" to access subsidized training. We have put in place all the foundational requirements that ensure all trainings developed on our platform are well-designed and subsidized.

Fundae stands for State Training for Employment and the requirements we meet establish the main foundations that ensure all trainings developed on our platform are well-designed and subsidized.

Interactivity and Communication Tools

Our platform offers various interactive and communication tools like chat, messaging, forums, and video conferencing with Big Blue Button. The platform also displays online users, making communication between them a breeze. In addition, we have included more than 40 types of content that require user interaction.


Our platform is accessible with level AA for people with disabilities. Your own site, hosted on Graspway cloud and based on the Open edX and WordPress platforms, is easily accessible and highly intuitive to use.

Virtual Tutors and Instructors

Each course has several virtual tutors/instructors. Our platform allows you to create descriptions of the course team members or tutor-instructors. This way, you can have all the necessary information about the tutors!

Learning Controls

Our platform records all user activity in a course, including time spent, number of accesses, messages sent and received, participation in video conferences, and chats. The course manager can track the student's progress from the control panel. Additionally, they can monitor the student's development and determine if they have completed the course.

Satisfaction Survey

We value our students' feedback and satisfaction, which is why we have included a satisfaction survey that students complete once the course is finished. The survey is managed by the manager from the control panel and can be downloaded for review.

24/7 Availability

We are available to assist the course administrator and the student in a 24/7 service, seven days a week.


Your own site will be activated on Graspway cloud, where we store the information you upload, always secure and accessible. Additionally, you can download the content from Open edX.


We comply with all technical criteria of GDPR for the processing of personal data.

Multimedia Format

On the platform, you can add as many videos and images as you want.

Auditor Profile

Graspway has an auditor profile: a type of user who has access to all the platform's information but in "viewer" mode. This profile can carry out inspections and audits.

Assessment Tests

Our platform allows you to include assessment tests and grades once a course is completed so that your students can demonstrate the knowledge they have acquired.

CV and Accreditation of the Tutor-Instructor

Our platform allows the creation of descriptions for the course team members or tutor-instructors. This way, your students will have all the necessary information readily available.

Participation Certificates or Diplomas

With Graspway, your students will be able to download a diploma or certificate of participation upon completing the course.