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Start testing the platform to organize training in your company.

Standard Plan


Everything you need to optimize onboarding and training processes in your company.

Advanced Plan


Advanced features, customization, and our premium support for the maximum growth of your company

Growth Plan

Tailored to your needs

Talk to an
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and boost the growth of your organization in a completely personalized way

Advantages of the Growth Plan:

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    Open edX platform

    Control Panel


    Customization of corporate colors and logo

    CSV Import / Export

    Metrics dashboard

    Customized certificates






    Basic roles: Administrator, Student

    Advanced roles: Manager, Teacher, Auditor (aligned with FUNDAE criteria)

    Metrics dashboard by roles


    Internal messaging and scheduled notifications

    Discussion forum


    Peer review

    Integrated video conferencing

    Lean Learning

    Satisfaction surveys

    Interactive formats

    Learning path builder

    Organization builder


    Shared cloud

    Deployment on a private cloud (dedicated space).

    Custom WordPress (plugins, xblocks, themes...)

    Custom Open edX

    Data API

    Integration with corporate identity management systems

    Priority access to new features

    Multisite (On request)


    Mobile App


    Activation pack

    Activation hands-on (Live training by the technical team)

    Configured site delivery (domain, logo, etc)

    Bug fixes and software updates

    Question support

    Advanced support

    Choose your plan and start growing your organization now

    Free Planno time limit Up to 50 registered users.

    Secure Payment, no surprises, and easy process management.

    Flexibility in growth without paying for each user.


    The Free plan has the same features as the Standard plan and is only limited by the maximum number of users that can be registered, which is 50. No time limit for usage.

    It’s a plan designed to support small organizations and encourage customers to test the tool at no cost or upload all their content when preparing their training sessions, without charges. The philosophy is that we don’t charge you until you see returns from your training.

    • Robustness. Graspway consists of 3 parts with proven stability and robustness: the Open edX platform, used by millions of students worldwide, WordPress as the content management platform with the highest reliability, and G-Core, the component developed by OpenSistemas, which holds ISO and ISSL certificates ensuring the highest quality standards and is validated as a platform for FUNDAE subsidized training
    • FlexibilityGraspway allows growth without worrying that the number of users will increase the price.
    • Security.Through single-sign-on and a Kubernetes structure, we ensure the secure handling of student data and guarantee the removal of all platform data when the contract ends.
    • Price. More competitive prices as user-based fees are not applied.
    • Customization. The Advanced plan allows a certain degree of customization, while the Growth plan offers a very high level of customization according to each client’s needs

    Whether small, medium, or large organizations, all share challenges related to employee training: efficiently onboarding individuals to flatten the learning curve within the organization, keeping employees updated in an exponentially changing environment, and fostering employee loyalty by making them feel part of a shared culture.

    Graspway LMS addresses all these challenges: onboarding processes, skills updates, certification acquisition, compliance adaptation, career development…

    Of course, all Graspway subscription plans are subject to cancellation at the end of the contracted service period, depending on the chosen contract type: 1 month or 1 year. If you wish to cancel the subscription, it must be requested 15 days before the next automatic renewal of the contracted subscription plan

    Basic support covers all tickets related to bugs and incidents but does not include the query of doubts or assistance from our technical team as guidance in configuring the platform. Advanced support covers bugs, incidents, queries, doubts, and assistance as guidance in matters related to platform configuration.

    In the event that you need to increase the user capacity and have exceeded the limit corresponding to each plan, you can choose to upgrade to the immediately higher plan or review the list of registered users to remove those who are not active, thus optimizing your current plan without the need to subscribe to a higher plan.

    The Graspway platform is available in ES (Spanish), EN (English), and FR (French), but we are working to expand coverage to other languages. However, if your organization needs to incorporate a language that is currently not available, we can include it through additional development, such as platform customization.

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