5 Digital learning strategies & solutions that work best

When we talk about online or digital learning, there are many strategies to make our e-learning attractive. But what are the best strategies and solutions, and do we need to follow all the tips we can find online?

In this article, we propose several digital learning strategies or solutions that will help you to start making the most of your courses and your e-learning platform:

Make your course visually attractive

If your online course is not visually appealing, you will not get your learner’s attention or interest. The visual design and content has to catch your learner’s attention. Following the saying “Less is more”: try to make your content have little text, quality and eye-catching images, videos, animations, or any other type of visually appealing format that catches the attention of your learners. It’s also proven that the more visually attractive your course is, the higher the engagement and commitment of the student.

Use different types of content

If you only put text in a course, the learner will get bored quickly. Make use of different types of content, there are many! You can include videos, podcasts, surveys, short quizzes… In addition to on-demand content, you can also do semi presential courses and prepare live classes through integrations with video conferencing tools such as Zoom, Skype…

Try to vary in the type of content, so that it is not always the same because otherwise the level of engagement of your students will drop.

Create short modules in your digital learning platform

Today’s learner needs information they can consume quickly and directly. So create short, easy-to-consume and highly visual modules. The training pills are small learning modules, which focus on a specific topic and combine theory and practice so that learners don’t get bored. These training pills have well-defined learning objectives and a specific educational purpose. So before developing your pill, ask yourself: what knowledge do I want the learner to start the next training pill with? What do I want them to take away for the next module?

Choose an interactive learning experience

Boredom is the worst enemy of your learner’s engagement! If you create an interactive experience, you will have points in your favor.

There are several ways to develop interactive experiences, such as games in which the learner can put their knowledge into practice. Did you know that gamification improves recall rates by up to 80%? In addition, competitiveness among learners can improve motivation and even amuse more than one learner 🙂 In addition, you can create an interactive experience between students or with the teacher with chats, video conferences or forums. In turn, interaction with the content can also improve learner motivation: they can interact with the videos, rewind, review content and do the training at their own pace.

Analyze your data

Another digital learning strategy is analyzing your data. Try to find a digital learning platform that will allow you to analyze, draw statistics and study the tracking of your learners. This type of study will help you to see in which modules your learners get stuck, which content interests them the most and which content format generates the most engagement. This monitoring – which must be continuous over time – will allow you to improve your learners’ learning journey, create recommendations according to their tastes…

By following these tips and digital training strategies, for sure you will create training courses that are more attractive and increase the engagement of your students. So… what are you waiting for?