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Agile learning

How does Agile Learning or continuous learning culture work?

Have you ever heard of the concept of Agile Learning and its uses in business and training? It’s an agile methodology applied to learning and, although agile methodology was born in the world of technology, today we can apply it to many areas such as training. What is Agile Learning? Agile Learn

Discover Graspway’s new features and functionalities

Graspway is the advanced e-learning platform developed by OpenSistemas created with the objective of building an all-round product and marketplace, in order to build data-driven online learning processes, which improves and develops the skills and knowledge of people in organizations. It is an onlin
Mobile learning

Mobile learning as an e-learning trend

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important, even when replacing the use of home devices such as desktop computers or even laptops. Some experts indicate that more than 60% of internet browsing time is done from a smartphone. Mobile learning brings great benefits, which is why more and mor