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Discover Graspway’s new features and functionalities

Graspway is the advanced e-learning platform developed by OpenSistemas created with the objective of building an all-round product and marketplace, in order to build data-driven online learning processes, which improves and develops the skills and knowledge of people in organizations. It is an onlin
Digital trends in the education sector

Digital trends in the education sector

Nowadays, there are new opportunities and challenges in the education sector that are transforming the way we understand education. These trends are very common in all conversations regarding teaching, as they are deeply impacting student learning. Tools such as blockchain, gamification, adaptive
Cómo cambia la tecnología la educación y el concepto de profesor

How technology changes education and the concept of the teacher

The future is here. The 21st century has brought a digital revolution in all areas of our lives and education is also undergoing a progressive transformation. In this article, we will look at the great influence that the technological revolution is having on schools, where we can meet student needs