Discover Graspway’s new features and functionalities

Graspway is the advanced e-learning platform developed by OpenSistemas created with the objective of building an all-round product and marketplace, in order to build data-driven online learning processes, which improves and develops the skills and knowledge of people in organizations. It is an online training platform based on the Open edX™ platform and WordPress.

Graspway improves every day, with a team of professionals who work on making it better and adding new features and functionalities that make the product an advanced and quality e-learning platform.

In this post, you will discover all about Graspway’s new features and all its new possibilities:

Chat and talk with your students!

What’s better than being able to chat with your students during a course? This way you can ask send notifications, messages or talk to a specific student.

  • Online chat
    Chat privately with students. You can also chat in rooms created just for your course – therefore, you will be able to chat with people who are taking the same course. In addition, the system keeps a record of students’ interaction, one important e-learning requirement in Spain.
  • Asynchronous messaging
    In addition to the chat, you will be able to send messages and notifications from the virtual classroom through personal mailboxes within the platform. It is very similar to sending emails, with received and sent mailboxes, so you can manage all your messages with no need to exit the platform.
  • Video Conferences with Big Blue Button
    Schedule video conferences with Big Blue Button in the virtual classroom for your students. This way you can communicate with your students in a more personal way. In addition, these video conferences can be recorded and viewed on-demand.

Don’t miss a single thing!

  • Notifications
    You can schedule notifications for your students about exams, grades… Also when a student gets certified, they will receive an email notification with their certificate.
  • Certificate follow-up and monitoring
    You can track and see if students have been certified or not in an easy and simple way: through a column in the panel. Now you will be able to know if a student has been certified in a quick and agile way!

Export your data

  • CSV report
    You will be able to export a CSV report of all the user data and content of your course, so you can have a global view of the subscriptions and course information.

A bilingual platform

  • Languages
    Our platform is bilingual! It allows you to select the language of your choice (English or Spanish) in the control panel, the virtual classroom and the portal.

Create learning paths and organize your courses

  • Learning paths
    Graspway allows you to create learning paths for the specific users defined for your organization. You can then add courses as learning paths and set progress conditions in the courses that are part of them.
  • Organization builder
    You can organize your students and give them access only to certain courses. You can create courses only for certain teams or departments, geographic areas, and much more!Thus, this will generate independent visibility spaces: teachers will be able to see which courses are available according to the area of the organization of the student.

Interested? Check out our plans and stay tuned to our blog and social media because we will publish new features soon.