How does e-learning help to improve my company?

In many cases, the concept of e-learning is rejected by many sectors of society because of the lack of knowledge and how new and unfamiliar it is. E-learning is the term used to describe distance or online training.

How can e-learning change business training?

E-learning is one of the preferred methods for companies to help their employees improve their skills today, thanks to its simplicity for the users who can carry out their training at any time and in any place.

Large companies spend around 50% of their training budgets on online training for their staff. Moreover, e-learning does not have to be only online, nowadays, our mobile devices allow us to connect to e-learning platforms and download classes so that we can take the course later and even without Internet connection.

Habits, doing the same tasks constantly and feeling professionally stuck are just some of the reasons for losing employees. Thanks to e-learning, we will be able to increase the productivity of our employees, because if they acquire new skills and professional abilities, they will be able to do their jobs much better and thus benefit the company. On the one hand, e-learning is much more economical as it saves direct and indirect costs of traditional classroom education. On the other hand, it saves the company time in new selection processes to find people with these skills.

With e-learning, employees are connected when they want, the way they want, and from anywhere via any device. The e-learning platforms allows you to easily and effectively manage everything related to training, monitoring and evaluation of employees in real time, as well as communicate directly with your employees. The company’s employees also find everything they need at a single click, including courses, tests, documents, announcements, calendars, etc.

Benefits of e-learning

The main benefit of e-learning is lifelong learning. The barriers that can exist in face-to-face learning disappear , as you don’t have to move to the place where the class is taking place. . There are people who work better under pressure and others who go deeper in their learning and make a better use of their time.

Another great advantage is the combination of methodologies. Contrary to what most people believe, e-learning combines methodologies. There can be practical exercises, master classes, group work and even online work with video calls.

Furthermore, thanks to how powerful it is as a social tool that supports collaborative learning, new ideas can emerge. For instance, e-learning allows HR teams to share their knowledge with colleagues around the world and in different places, which benefits synergies. The online courses are as diverse as the corporate fields: from specialised courses in IT and applications or tools, languages, etc. Academic training or LMS allows students to combine all the courses they need without limits. Employees do not have to stay in the office any longer, nor have difficulties in combining work and personal life.

Why should a company choose e-learning?

E-learning is the training that best suits their needs, considering its simplicity,, cost savings, flexibility and accessibility, as well as its effectiveness.

Improved profitability
E-learning improves the profitability of training for several reasons. Cost saving is fundamental to this profitability, e-learning training is much more economical because it saves direct and indirect costs that traditional training has.

Source of innovation and new ideas
E-learning in companies offers a unique and innovative format for its interactivity and online content, making the learning experience much more attractive. E-learning allows teams to share their knowledge with colleagues from all over the world and from different fields, thus promoting synergies.

Tailor-made learning
There is a wide range of e-learning courses available for companies to meet their needs in an effective way.

Learn anywhere, anytime
E-learning training offers flexibility and accessibility that no other methodology offers. With e-learning training, employees can access their training at any place, any time with their preferred devices.

To achieve their strategic goals and improve their profitability, companies won’t hesitate to invest in e-learning!