Features of the perfect e-learning platform

Choosing an e-learning or LMS platform will depend largely on the training needs that exist and also on the learners themselves. Normally, some basic advice is taken into account to get the maximum performance from the training.

Normally when we choose an e-learning platform we usually find two solutions:

  • We have never used an online training platform before and we are quite lost in what we should look at.
  • We have already used an LMS platform and we know what limitations the provider we were working with had.

The truth is that the needs we will need to cover thanks to an LMS may be different from one company to another. The uses of an e-learning platform are designed for an academy, business, or a center that sells courses.

Anyway, there are some things you can take into account that will serve you regardless of your type of business and the use you want to give to the LMS.

The usability of the e-learning platform, the first thing to look at!

Without a doubt, this is what the user values most. E-learning platforms are usually complex software, which do many things. This makes it sometimes not as easy as it should be to understand.

The truth is that the oldest online platforms are developed 100% by technical staff, without thinking about the end user. This made them become platforms not very accessible to non-technical staff. However, this is not the case with Graspway, because our platform can be used by any user, regardless of their technical level.

Without a doubt, the usability of our platform is one of our main priorities. The usability of an e-learning platform involves many things:

  • Conceptual clarity.
  • Internal functioning.
  • Organization of options.
  • Explanatory messages.
  • All the visual part that helps to better understand the platform.

In other words, the usability of an online training platform is something that is always being improved.

On the other hand, the design is also one of the fundamental parts, and that is, many online platforms still have outdated and obsolete designs.

Essential tools in an e-learning platform

Without a doubt, it will be crucial that the e-learning tool we choose has all the tools we may need. In addition, it is also very interesting that you think about the needs you are going to have as your platform grows both in terms of courses and users. In this way, you will focus on getting an e-learning platform that adapts to your needs in the short, medium and long term.

At graspway we have functionalities that adapt to the location of your company, whether you are an SME, a medium sized company or a large organization. In this way, we combine the power of our platform with ease of use.

A stable e-learning platform to offer you greater security

The truth is that there is currently no software that cannot fail. Software is made up of thousands and thousands of lines of code, where if a comma, space or number is wrong, it doesn’t work. However, when we talk about stability, we mean the ability of a software to function normally. The two big dangers in software are:

  • Downsizing.
  • Software failures.

If you don’t want to despair, it’s never a bad idea to get a demo, and see for yourself how the platform works before you hire it. Moreover, if the platform is in the cloud as it is in the case of Graspway, better than better, because it will allow greater flexibility, avoiding service failures.

The technical support of an e-learning platform

Regarding the support, we should take into account:

  • What language is provided (note that many commercial LMSs are American and only communicate in English)
  • What means do they offer you: telephone, email, skype
  • How long will you have to wait for an answer
  • If you can open a ticket with your incident.

Without a doubt, having a good support is something fundamental in an e-learning platform. This way you can offer the help that the user needs.

Updates on LMS platforms

Usually when you hire an e-learning platform you do so with the aim of working with it for years. This way, a good LMS will have to keep improving, constantly extending its functionalities.

The truth is that both the technology and the market itself are advancing by leaps and bounds, so we need the platform to advance as well. At Graspway, we believe in continuous improvement, so we are always improving our platform, without cuts in service and without additional cost to our customers.