Keys to start your e-learning project in record time

At Graspway we have a lot of experience helping our clients take their first steps into the e-learning world.  Our platform is one of the most interesting options for professionals who come from conventional teaching, many of our clients start to give online training using our LMS platform without having previous experience.

With the advancement of covid-19, digitization has been promoted with the aim of preventing the formation from being paralyzed. Thanks to the boom in the use of digital platforms, a higher level of knowledge is being offered in a more imminent way.

Until now, users started the digitalization process of training step by step, researching in a natural way until they could finally start with their e-learning project.

Nowadays, due to the situation we are living, it is necessary to be able to shorten these terms, assimilating the information as quickly as possible and starting to create e-learning courses in record time.

Is e-learning the best option?

This may be one of your first questions about e-learning. The global pandemic that we are experiencing has dragged us into a situation where we live in permanent uncertainty. We don’t really know how it’s going to work in the short, medium or long term.

In a situation like this, there is nothing left to do but innovate. E-learning emerges as a feasible solution to be able to expand the classroom offer in terms of training. It is also possible that now that you are starting to analyze the possibilities, you feel overwhelmed without knowing well what steps to take.

The first questions you should keep in mind are:

  •     Is e-learning a solution to my company’s needs?
    What other options do I have?

If I decide to go into the world of e-learning …

  •  Is it going to be a temporary solution?
  •  Is it recommended for projects that are underway, and for projects that have been paralyzed?
  •  What types of e-learning solutions are there? Which one is the best for my needs?

The time factor in e-learning

When living in a situation of uncertainty the time factor becomes fundamental. You should know that e-learning is one of the fastest systems that also allows you to communicate quickly with students or customers, offering them an alternative to maintain training.

Thanks to e-learning, it has been possible to keep the students of many schools during the confinement.

If you have decided to promote an e-learning initiative, our recommendation is that you start by uploading the most demanded courses, while you continue working on completing your training offer. In this way, you will be able to start using your e-learning platform in the fastest way.

As long as you keep improving the content you offer, the students will not see it as a negative experience, but rather, you are working on it. Logically, try to always maintain a minimum of quality, but having that base later you can always work to improve it.

Training in person and online is not discriminating, if you prefer to offer training in person, you can always expand your catalog, offering online courses in a complementary way.

There are users who have some reticence with e-learning systems as they think they will be difficult to understand. However, this type of training is accessible to any user regardless of their technical level.

Online videoconferencing vs. e-learning platforms

The e-learning platforms are the most complete learning systems, being able to upload videos, pdfs, tests etc. In addition, LMSs also allow students to register, send messages, open chats and forums.

E-learning platforms offer asynchronous training. This means that students can start and finish their training when and where they want, as long as they are within the established deadline.

Video conferences, on the other hand, are designed to allow small groups to attend a live class, sharing audio, video and files. This type of teaching also allows for coexistence with e-learning.

Tips for choosing an e-learning platform

The truth is that we cannot be objective, and that is that Graspway has all the features you may need in your LMS. However, whatever e-learning platform you choose, there are some tips you can keep in mind:

  • Opt for a cloud solution.
  • Make it easy to use.
  • Have support.

Adapt your content to e-learning

If you have already decided to opt for e-learning, surely your next question is, where do I get my contents? It is possible that you are offering your contents in a face-to-face way. Therefore, you will have to go through a process of virtualization of your content.

Although virtualization is based on technical transformation, it will also require a conceptual transformation. The online contents will have to have specific characteristics to be effective.

Attention to the student during the e-learning training

The truth is that during online training, providing good customer service will be essential.

Not only will you have to solve their doubts, but you will also have to facilitate the formation of learning groups where some users interact with others and share their doubts. In this way, the training you offer will be much more interesting and richer.