Advantages of e-learning that your training department needs to know

At present, there are still large companies that do not yet have an e-learning platform or an LMS for training their employees. The truth is that by doing so they are missing out on great opportunities and are falling behind their competitors.

Learning management platforms offer many advantages for both companies and employees. But in this article we tell you the main advantages of having an e-learning platform in your company:

Key advantages of e-learning or LMS platforms

 E-learning platforms are intuitive and easy to use

Any user, regardless of their technological level, will be prepared to use Graspway without having to go through prior training. The platform is friendly, easy to use and attractive whatever the course you are taking.

Using an e-learning platform you can easily evaluate your students

A good LMS will allow you to make evaluations and tests in a simple and efficient way. In this way you will be able to follow your students better.

It will also allow you to make personalized evaluations according to the student and/or the stage of the course he is in. In this way you will be able to put activities and exercises of reinforcement in function of the grades that person has obtained in the previous evaluations.

An LMS is always accessible

The LMS in the cloud allows them to always be accessible from anywhere and everywhere.

It is a useful platform that optimizes training

By having both training and assessments integrated into the platform itself, both tutors and employees can improve and optimize the degree of learning achieved by the student.

More flexible learning

Another advantage of e-learning platforms is that administrators, tutors, employees and students can connect from anywhere. In this way, they can learn whenever they want and need to.

E-learning makes it possible for students to organize their learning while respecting their free time. It also allows them to set their own schedules.

Online training platforms are easy to use

The online training platforms are constantly working to improve their functionalities. In this way, they adapt to the real needs of their users once they arise. In addition, this prevents a platform from becoming obsolete, always offering the functionalities that the company needs to optimize its training.

Facilitates control of actual learning by employees

The truth is that learning platforms offer greater control and monitoring of the actual learning that students have.

What about you? Have you tried Graspway for your team training yet?