What is an e-Learning platform?

The e-learning platforms, virtual campus or also called Learning Management System (i.e. LMS), are virtual learning spaces designed to be the easiest and most useful for the student. These platforms are not only used by educational institutions, but are also becoming more and more established in companies.

The e-learning platforms allow us to create virtual classrooms where students can interact with their tutors and teachers facilitating:

  • The exchange of files.
  • Online evaluations.
  • Participation in chats, forums.
  • Courses gamified
  • Among many other things.

Benefits of e-learning platforms

Without a doubt, e-learning platforms offer a multitude of advantages, in a very summarized way we could say that the most outstanding benefits are:

  • Flexible and cheaper courses than traditional training.
  • They allow considerable monetary savings for companies (both those dedicated to training and SMEs and companies that bet on training their employees).
  • They facilitate training by avoiding travel and adapting to the availability of each student.
  • It is accessible to any user, regardless of their technological level.
  • It allows continuous training.
  • It offers a quick and easy system to keep students in contact with their teachers and tutors.
  • It facilitates the monitoring of the students’ learning.

In Graspway we offer the most complete e-learning tool, designed to be used quickly and easily by any user.

The Grapsway e-learning platform is customizable and easy to use

The Graspway learning platform allows 100% customization not only in terms of colors, but also can include the corporate identity and company logo. In this way, you will be able to personalize your platform adapting it to the needs of your company or educational institution. It will also allow you to incorporate the functionalities that make learning easier for your students.

Our LMS or e-learning platform is totally intuitive, so you will not need an instruction manual. However, to make you feel more confident, we have also implemented a FAQ section, to solve any doubt you may have.

Grapsway is flexible and accessible from any device

Our e-learning platform, has an extra both flexibility and accessibility, making it possible for any user to connect and access from anywhere. Our tool is in the cloud so you will not need to carry out any previous installation.

You will be able to access from any type of device and operating system. This will allow you to save on different indirect costs from the first moment.

The e-learning platform that allows you to have all the resources in one place

In Graspway you can easily manage large volumes of information and training resources. Our e-learning platform makes it easy for all training managers, teachers and tutors to manage all aspects of their students’ training in real time.

In addition to this, they will have access to all kinds of metrics, especially useful for improving student training and learning.

The students will have access to a simple, easy and comfortable platform.

Graspway allows you to create customized online courses
The e-learning platforms work with SCORM contents, these are training contents that are structured according to standards allowing them to be compatible with any e-learning platform or LMS.

This also makes the contents created in Graspway compatible with all e-learning platforms, allowing the incorporation of courses created in Graspway to any platform, and also the uploading to Graspway of courses created in other platforms.

The compatibility of our tool is one of the key aspects to take into account.

The e-learning platform that allows you to create online courses

Graspway is one of the most advanced e-learning platforms on the market. It has incorporated different tools that allow both creating content and uploading the content you already have.

In short, having an e-learning platform will offer many advantages to be taken into account.