LMS platforms, guide for academies

The truth is that there has never been a better time than now to work in the education sector. Whether the school is for minors, university students or vocational training, there are many LMS platforms that can improve the training of students.

Educational platforms open up many opportunities for training and educational centres. Learning is no longer limited to a specific time and place, but becomes available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

With the amount of information available today, it is increasingly important for educational institutions to analyse the quality of the training they offer. Students today (both those already in the centre and potential students), want to have a wide variety of teaching options. Educational institutions that fail to adapt to new trends risk being left behind.

LMS Learning Systems

One of the ways to digitize your training center is to bet on a learning management system (or LMS), this type of software allows you to create a centralized learning center.

LMSs are cloud-based programs that allow administrators, tutors, teachers and students to connect from any device. LMSs allow different users to carry out a number of tasks (ranging from content creation and distribution, to evaluations, diplomas etc).

The LMS facilitates learning in:

Virtual Classrooms

The truth is that a virtual classroom is a space where students can learn online. It can be used for both individual and small groups and even large classes.

In this way, tutors can ensure that their training fosters a collaborative environment, as they might do in the conventional classroom.

Language Labs

Although many language laboratories still do not believe in e-learning, more and more people are becoming aware of the advantages of this type of learning. Students can practice their knowledge and skills from any device.

Virtual campuses

In most of LMS you will be able to build a virtual campus for your students. This way you can not only save all the information, but your students can relate to each other.

Digital study groups

Without a doubt, the training that is promoted among students is very important. LMS platforms eliminate barriers. Whether students are in the same country or not, they will be able to work together, improving their skills and competencies.

Monitoring and evaluation tools

We know, tutoring is not easy. Graspway is designed to facilitate the administration tasks to the tutors, being able to see how the students progress, and also the points of improvement.

Virtual whiteboards

Just as in conventional training there is a physical blackboard, in online training there are virtual blackboards. This way you can leave messages or make sketches, drawings etc.

Video lessons

Another great benefit of online training is that the student can control when he or she will finish the course they are taking. It also allows them to review the material as many times as they want. In addition to this, LMSs allow video content to be uploaded, making it available in one place.

Online Evaluations

With LMSs, examinations can be automated, bringing enormous benefits to students, tutors and teachers alike. Not only will it help reduce the tutor’s workload, but the student will be able to have feedback at the same time.