KEY features an LMS should have

LMSs should serve your company to offer you the e-learning solution you need for the training of your students, not to give you problems. That is why it is important that you can assess the characteristics offered by the platform, to know if it will be able to cover the specific needs you have.

The best thing is to be able to opt for an LMS that not only offers you the functionalities you need, but also allows you to have the appropriate support and follow-up.

Main characteristics that a good LMS should have

If you are considering having an LMS there are different features you should keep in mind:

1. Your LMS must help you make decisions

Without a doubt, a good LMS has to be able to offer you reports and statistics. This will help you achieve greater learning, reducing the price of training.

2. It allows you to create a progressive learning experience

The learning sector is constantly evolving, so an LMS will also have to keep up with developments. Having the best technology to train your students will be essential to enhance interest and learning.

3. Enhance social learning

Currently the LMS have incorporated forums, chats and are even integrated with different social networks to facilitate interaction between student and teacher. Thanks to an e-learning platform you will be able to promote collaborative learning quickly and easily.

4. Allows you to learn from anywhere

Many people choose to acquire new knowledge online because it allows them to access that knowledge from anywhere. This makes it easier to reconcile personal, professional and educational life.

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