The LMS: A tool for everyone

It was not so long ago that digital education was seen as an aspect of conventional education and an alternative within certain areas of study. To this we added the generational gaps that affect the processes of adoption of new technologies and we could determine that the rise of this new concept of education was still to come.

The learning tool that allows the development of professional skills

Fortunately, an event of global proportions has occurred that has changed the paradigm. The imposition of force majeure requires a new determination of interactions and the same professional and educational development. These two fields can be considered two of the most important activities currently being carried out in society, but surprisingly they have not evolved conceptually as they have utilitarianly, that is to say, work is done as past generations did with the difference that the tools for carrying out the work have changed.

Having said this and contextualising the reality that was experienced, we can understand the benefits of an LMS (learning management system) more clearly than ever before. We are currently in a more restricted situation, but one that allows us to explore methods that we had reservations and doubts about, and in the case of the development of digital competencies in any context an LMS is the cornerstone.

Without the slightest trace of doubt, it can be said that this tool is so important in a company that simply passing it on is a mistake that will not only cause visible havoc in the short term, but in the long term, the damage will be irremediable.

Why use an LMS?

The reason is simple: this platform is designed to provide training or education to students and employees alike, and does so under whatever regime each company, school, teacher or individual decides to impose. This means that not only is one’s own training being developed, but also a mentality, methodology and in particular a proper identity for the institution.

Another benefit of this platform is that regardless of distance or time limitations an LMS allows autonomy of access and employment for the user, resulting in simpler processes and management of development from anywhere.

As if that were not enough, that is not all. An LMS, in addition to having an online educational or training offer, allows for a detailed and specific analysis of the tasks and behaviour of each user. This allows a focus and attention to detail like never before and in real time, we can examine which of our content is more efficient, which generates more interaction, identify areas for improvement and personalise the platform and content to the maximum in order to achieve the greatest efficiency, informing employees and students of the most current skills and trends.

Sectors of use for an LMS

Here are a few sectors in which this type of platform can be integrated. We can extrapolate an LMS to almost any industry or work activity.

  • Software and Technology: Learning to use innovations in the digital world will be easier and more accessible than ever.
  • Retail: The trends in this sector are always changing and the need for knowledge of current references gives the LMS an opportunity to shine.
  • Manufacturing: Training here is needed on several factors such as quality, precautionary measures and performance standards.
  • Government: Officials must always be up to date with the frequent changes and measures that determine their interactions with the public.


In the end, as you can see, a learning management system is a basic tool for any professional who requires constant training and continuous improvement. These platforms allow companies and users alike to be in synchrony.

The result is reflected in the performance, but also in the benefit perceived by the company, institution or professional. Perhaps most importantly, the use of an LMS ultimately generates a positive impact on economic revenue, the very nature of the LMS causally causing a beneficial increase in all points it touches and therefore an overall increase.