We are going to give a talk at the Open edX conference!

We have been selected to give a talk at the Open edX conference! This will take place from April 26th to 29th in Lisbon. We will be sponsors of the event as well, in contributing mode, and we will be there to show how disruptive our product Graspway is and share our knowledge with the edtech community.

Using AI -based Bots to Improve Student Experience without Human Intervention” is the talk that our colleague Javier Viñuales, eLearning Platforms Expert at Graspway, will give the second day of the event. Here you can check the complete schedule of the event.

AI and Chatbots

With Graspway EXT, our laboratory of disruptive technologies, we are exploring the application of NLP (Natural Language Processing) in order to improve the student’s experience: 

  • Increasing the student’s level of interest and engagement
  • Resolving in a more efficient way the doubts they may have during the course
  • Personalizing their follow-up and evaluation in a way that resembles the traditional, more personal and human educational system

All this, using natural language and a set of bots based on artificial intelligence.