Why did we choose the Open edX® platform for the development of Graspway?

What is Graspway?

Our partnership with the Open edX team started in 2019. The Open edX software is an open-source learning management system that is used across the globe to teach and learn online. The Open edX platform has been deployed to support everything from single classrooms, to universities, to nation-wide learning initiatives.

Graspway is the EdTech powered by OpenSistemas with the objective of building an all-round product and marketplace, in order to build data-driven online learning processes,  which improves and develops the skills and knowledge of people in organizations. Graspway is also the name of the EdTech’s online training product, developed by OpenSistemas since 2014, based on the experience with thousands of users, resulting from the integration of highly successful open source products, strongly based on data and learning analysis. A large number of organisations already use Open edX software and WordPress with Graspway, as the technological basis for their in-company training or online course catalogue.

The fundamental problem of training. Why it isn’t easy?

However, it isn’t always easy. Because the training process tends to behave like a Complex System: It’s a dynamic system with a huge number of independent elements interacting with each other locally to achieve a defined training objective, and whose individual or collective behavior is very difficult to predict. OpenSistemas has more than 15 years of experience helping solve problems with open source technology.

So, how did we manage to process this huge number of independent elements interacting with each other? With the Open edX platform and WordPress. We chose them because their functionalities are excellent, they are open source, and managing objective data is very reassuring.

What is the Open edX platform used for?

The Course Platform (LMS) is used for:

  • Creating courses using the Studio authoring tool 
  • Providing students with course content 
  • Providing evaluable activities in the course 
  • Providing a forum for each course 
  • Providing your own wiki for each course
  • Giving the student information on grades
  • Facilitating the status downloads and activity files to the course team (teachers and facilitators)
  • Making it easier for teachers to set grades to students

Graspway’s control center

Graspway isn’t just the combination of WordPress and Open edX platforms. It has its control center with these specific functionalities:

  • Single sign-on
  • Unified user management
  • Unified course management
  • Dashboard per user role
  • Processes and objectives
  • Learning path builder
  • Organization hierarchy builder
  • Manager user role for parts of the organization
  • Multilevel learning data access
  • Syllabus data inspector
  • User role for audits
  • Cloud services

Watch this online meetup to discover more!

We were very glad to collaborate with the Open edX Community on a Meetup on Thursday 18 February. On that meetup, we discovered with Javier Viñuales Gutiérrez, LMS Product Expert, how the Open edX platform has helped us with the development of our product!