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Graspway becomes part of the AWS startup accelerator for EdTech: AWS EdStart

We have recently been admitted as members into this programme, which is designed to help EdTech startups to move faster by receiving technical training and support, access to a global community of EdTech experts, and more. This opportunity will give Graspway the resources we need to become more e
employee engagement

Learning and development: strategies to improve employee engagement

When we talk about employee engagement, we are referring to the employee's commitment to the company in which they work. Employee engagement refers to how employees feel about their work, whether they are committed to the organization and put effort and commitment to it. This employee commitment to

Discover Graspway’s new features and functionalities

Graspway is the advanced e-learning platform developed by OpenSistemas created with the objective of building an all-round product and marketplace, in order to build data-driven online learning processes, which improves and develops the skills and knowledge of people in organizations. It is an onlin

Graspway, OpenSistemas advanced e-learning platform, now available in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace

OpenSistemas, data and cloud specialized company, have announced the availability of Graspway in the Microsoft Azure Marketplace, an online store providing applications and services available to use on Microsoft Azure. Therefore, OpenSistemas and Graspway’s customers can now take advantage of the