What is a Learning Experience Platform, LXP?

New technologies have changed the way corporate training is carried out in companies. Although training continues to be carried out in person, there are now also new ways of learning that allow us to adapt to new professional profiles.

Some of these new ways of learning are microlearning and gamma-learning, as they allow us to carry out comprehensive training models.

In this way, employees are no longer just “receivers of information” but can learn from different sources. In this way, LMSs have evolved to become LXPs, that is, Learning Experience Platforms.

How does a Learning Experience Platform improve my company’s corporate training?

The first thing you should know is that LXPs are educational platforms that are designed for the user. In this way, a unique and personalized training experience can be offered to each user. Thanks to cloud-based software that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning, collaborative learning is made more attractive, personal and personalised.

This type of training solution allows each professional to quickly and easily access the content they need at any given time.

Features that an LXP must have

UX/UI user -friendly

The LXPs, have to have an easy, modern and intuitive navigation, allowing to personalize the learning experience. In this way the user can search for the information he needs based on his tastes, creating his learning lists. The LXPs are not only designed to provide the content that the user is looking for, but they are also designed to monitor the progress of the employees, making the user himself capable of managing his training.

Social Learning

The XPOs offer the most complete learning experience, because they manage to create collaborative dynamics between different users that allow a greater agility of response and processes. All this results in time and cost savings.

The Learning Experience Platform allows the creation of a network of elements that are connected between them.

Personalised learning according to the skills to be developed

Today, we live immersed in personalised recommendations. This has also reached the education sector, making employees feel frustrated if they do not have corporate training that suits their needs. LXPs allow for unparalleled efficiency and personalisation of training.

LXPs allow for the recording of learning history, employee profiles and also personal interests.

The training content is very relevant

On an LXP platform, content has special relevance. The formats are extended allowing to host courses, podcast, videos, post, blog…

Responsive and adaptive design

The truth is that most users spend more than 70% of their time surfing the internet, they do it through their mobile phone, this makes it crucial to have pages that can be viewed through any device.

LXPs offer a multi-device learning experience for all employees, so they can always connect from wherever they need to.

Big Data Technology

There are different business intelligence strategies that will help you transform your data into valuable information to improve the training you offer. Thanks to technology, LXPs allow you to improve the level of student engagement, improving training efficiency.

Nowadays, users demand fewer barriers to learn and develop as professionals, so learning platforms that have a collaborative environment are adapted to the needs of these profiles, eliminating their training barriers.

In Graspway we have the LMS designed to offer the learning experience to your employees that you are looking for. You will be able to personalise it according to their needs. Do not hesitate to ask for information at info@graspway.com