Integrating the virtual classroom into a training platform

The truth is that the integration of the virtual classroom in the training platforms is becoming more and more common. Online training or e-learning has grown in advocates in recent years.

However, you should know that virtual classroom is not the same as training platform. Not all training platforms have integrated virtual classrooms.

Virtual classrooms are another way of using LMS (or also called Learning Management System). On the other hand, training platforms are going to be invaluable digital tools in the education sector.

LMSs are cloud-based and act as if they were educational centres, allowing both the school and the course providers to be managed.

In other words, when a course provider invests in a comprehensive platform such as Graspway, it will have access to a wide range of tools.

How virtual classrooms work for students

Virtual classrooms are spaces in the cloud where students and teachers can communicate. They often include communication tools, video and audio chats and instant messaging.

Virtual classrooms will remove the barriers of the conventional classroom. This avoids students having to move around to attend classes and also avoids them having to install anything on their computer.

In addition, virtual classrooms can be integrated with training platforms to facilitate access to tutors and teachers. This makes it easier for students to ask questions in a more agile way.

Advantages of integrating virtual classrooms for teachers

The truth is that different training providers often use the same tools that are then implemented in the training platforms. In this way, students can be offered the resources they need from the start.

Moreover, in this way, the evaluation of students will also be much more agile. Teachers and tutors will be able to include evaluations in the LMS to check the learning level of the students.

In this way we will be able to get the most out of the monitoring data, to improve the students’ learning.

Virtual classrooms work hand in hand with training platforms, making learning easier and more comfortable for students. It also makes it easier for teachers to publish both video and audio resources, enriching the value of the training they provide.