Keys to choosing an e-learning platform for your online courses

If you are looking for an e-learning platform to offer your courses online, you can’t miss the tips we bring you today at Graspway, especially suitable for professionals like you.

The truth is that the so called “mobile-learning” is becoming more and more popular, which basically consists in offering online courses available through the mobile phone. Using e-learning or LMS platforms, we can respond to this growing demand.

Online training platforms allow online education professionals to create content that is easily accessible from any device without sacrificing accessibility or course design. To achieve this, the platform must adapt the image and design to the size and resolution of the device screen.

How to choose an e-learning platform to create online courses

If you want to choose the best e-learning platform for your training courses, it is essential that you have different aspects in mind:

Choose an e-learning platform that allows you to create multiplatform content

You have to think, that each user has his own preferences regarding the device he uses. That’s why when you offer online training courses, it’s essential to choose a platform that allows you to create multi-device content

A good LMS platform will allow you to create effective and engaging digital learning experiences. Before hiring an e-learning platform, make sure it allows you to create content for any type of device.

Ask about the data security protocols that the LMS has

Without a doubt, the security of the data of an online platform is one of the crucial aspects. In Graspway we have the advantage of being a tool developed by OpenSistemas, a leading technology company in data. Students will give you their personal data to enter the tool, so it will be crucial to have a good encryption and security protocol to protect their information.

Make sure that the training content can be downloaded

Some students prefer to be able to download the courses so they can view the content later (or to study while they do not have an internet connection). One aspect to consider when hiring an LMS is whether it allows offline access.

LMS in constant evolution

Another aspect that is fundamental for you to take into account is that SMLs must be in constant evolution. The needs of companies and organizations evolve, so you need an e-learning platform that evolves at the same pace as your company.

One of the current keys is to opt for an e-learning platform that allows you to create multi-device content. But in addition to this, it will be basic that allows a personalization of both the platform and the content, being able to adapt to the necessary trends.

Choose an easy to use e-learning platform

Without a doubt, the charging times of the LMS you choose will be key. A page that takes too long to load will make the user tired and close it. That’s why having an e-learning platform with fast and smooth navigation will be essential.