Changes that the coronavirus will cause in education

One of the most common questions these days in the education sector is, what changes will there be in the sector after this crisis passes? What are the changes that COVID-19 is accelerating? Normally, we talk a lot about the different advantages offered by online training, e-learning, blended and even tele-training. However, in the light of the current COVID-19 pandemic, e-learning is becoming more necessary than ever.

E-learning for further education during the coronavirus pandemic

One of the things that is always highlighted when we talk about e-learning is precisely the savings in travel that online training brings. An aspect that often makes the big difference between being able to carry out a course or not.

However, e-learning becomes a fundamental option in critical situations such as epidemics, pandemics or sick leave. All of them are cases where we must stay longer than usual in our homes.

The truth is that many jobs still do not reduce their pace of activity thanks to the implementation of measures such as teleworking. In the case of education, it can continue with its activity, without being affected. Today, there are many alternatives to ensure the continuity of classes. Both using e-learning platforms and thanks to videoconferences.

Nowadays, virtual classrooms are already a reality that allows teachers to continue giving their classes with total normality. Moreover, thanks to these new tools and platforms, it is possible to offer a higher quality content, seeking a greater learning of the user.

The coronavirus has accelerated changes in education

COVID-19 has meant the closure of all educational centres in all nations, becoming a global closure. This measure has been taken in an attempt to stop the uncontrolled spread of the virus.

From this measure, there has been an enormous acceleration in the process of digital transformation that, although it was previously occurring, has become necessary to avoid the formative stop of our students.

The global pandemic that we are experiencing with the coronavirus has caused training centres to have to face a crisis for which different measures must be taken. The truth is that many companies, colleges and universities, were not prepared for this, but it is important to realize the importance of providing good online training, far beyond the confinement during quarantine.

Reasons to bet on e-learning in your school

Without a doubt, the reasons for betting on e-learning are

  1. E-learning achieves greater effectiveness in knowledge retention.
  2. The contents are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
  3. They are adapted to the time and needs of the student, being able to advance according to their needs.
  4. It allows a total flexibility of schedules.
  5. The student simply needs to have an internet connection.
  6. Accessible from any device.
  7. Saves time and optimizes teacher’s processes.
  8. Better monitoring of learning.
  9. Direct feedback on activities.
  10. Real time learning metrics to improve the contents.
  11. In the case of franchises, it allows content to be shared, increasing class attendance.
  12. Improvement of the school’s image and reputation.