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Mobile learning

Mobile learning as an e-learning trend

Mobile devices are becoming increasingly important, even when replacing the use of home devices such as desktop computers or even laptops. Some experts indicate that more than 60% of internet browsing time is done from a smartphone. Mobile learning brings great benefits, which is why more and mor

What is gamification and how can I use it in my classroom?

A growing number of online training platforms are taking advantage of some characteristics of video games, such as points, rankings or levels, to generate an effective and engaging learning experience. In the digital age, users' attention spans have been reduced, with some experts indicating that
Cómo cambia la tecnología la educación y el concepto de profesor

How technology changes education and the concept of the teacher

The future is here. The 21st century has brought a digital revolution in all areas of our lives and education is also undergoing a progressive transformation. In this article, we will look at the great influence that the technological revolution is having on schools, where we can meet student needs