Graspway EXT: one step further towards innovation with AI and Blockchain

Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, chatbots: all in one training platform. This is the step that Graspway is taking towards technological innovation and it will do so through the Graspway EXT project, financed by the public entity

Graspway Extended, the full name of the initiative, aims to extend its projection and go one step further by applying cutting-edge technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence and chatbots.

During 2022, Graspway’s product team will work on turning Graspway into a more secure experience that guarantees the student’s identity and turns their learning journey into a more personalized and ad hoc journey according to their needs.

Towards a more secure training with Blockchain technology

Blockchain, or set of technologies that allow for secure, decentralized and synchronized record keeping, will be applied in the online training platform with different objectives:

  • Verify the identity of the person doing the course. With this technology, you can ensure who has access to a course and detect that there is no one trying to impersonate another person.
  • Issue digital certificates in a secure and transparent way. Blockchain technology also makes it possible to issue digital certificates and ensure that they are not falsified, while facilitating the creation of a digital curriculum for the student where all the information can be quickly verified.
  • Encourage internal training. Recognition of tasks performed will be done through tokens or “knowledge currencies”. Internally, companies can implement projects that boost the knowledge of their employees based on their activity inside and outside the organization. This system encourages the continuous training of students as well as making the company’s knowledge visible, providing them with value through tokens.

Improving student motivation with AI and Chatbots

Also, the project focuses on Artificial Intelligence, specifically on the use of chatbots. The objective is to use state of the art of NLP (Natural Language Processing) to generate bots that track the student and improve student loyalty. The objectives of this part of the project are focused on:

  • Create an interactive coach. Bots can be useful to improve the student’s attention so that they do not lose interest or motivation during their training journey. To do this, the bot will capture the student’s attention by asking questions related to the course to improve their understanding or by posing challenges to be solved.
  • Remind dates and tasks. The chatbot will also warn about the most relevant dates of the course, as well as exams and pending tasks so that the student does not abandon them. To this end, statistics and KPIs will be displayed to motivate the student.
  • Personalize frequently asked questions. The aim is to create a unique user experience and to make the student feel that they are not alone. To this end, answers will be given to the most frequently asked questions so that the learner does not lose interest.
  • Review past lessons in an interactive and personalized way. Reviewing past lessons can be a tedious task for many students, but it is very necessary to consolidate the acquired knowledge. With the implementation of a bot, 10-minute microlearning sessions can be fully customized to motivate the student to continue the learning process.