Key Benefits of Micro-Learning

Micro-learning, or also called micro-learning, is a type of learning that is based on very short lessons.

This type of training is characterized by training pills that allow students to improve their skills and training in a very short time. This type of content can be from a few seconds to 15 minutes. The student can learn through the specific contents and exercises of each topic.

The contents that appear in a microlearning course can have different formats:

  • Video.
  • Whitepaper.
  • Activities.
  • Games.
  • Quizzes.
  • Etc.

This is a great advantage for the student, since he will be able to choose the type of content he likes most when learning. Many users learn better by watching a video, than by reading a text. Others prefer to interact with the activity. This way, they will always have options to choose from.

The advantages of microlearning

An option for flexible training

Micro-learning is the shortest training option. Perfect to adapt to any time and place.

Nowadays, finding time for training is a complicated matter. We are all very busy, and we have very little time to continue improving our skills. Micro-learning helps us to continue our training even with the tight schedules we have today.

Micro-learning is one of the best training options for the corporate environment.

Personalized training

In the case of micro-learning, the student can personalize the training he or she chooses and what subjects he or she is interested in studying at each moment. In this way, the training is 100% personalized.

Microlearning is the type of modular training that allows you to choose between different skills in which to specialize according to your interests.

The more specific the training is, the more relevant your contents will be. Micro-learning enhances the interest and motivation of the students.

Micro-learning is totally multi-device

The possibility of being multi-device and multi-platform will be basic for microlearning. In this way, any user will be able to enter from any device: mobile phones, tablets, computers… It is also a type of learning that allows the devices to synchronize with each other.

Students will have short lessons that are ready to be consumed at any time, both from home, training center and / or work, travel and so on. You will simply need a mobile phone or tablet.

It is a very effective type of training

To create good microlearning content, extensive content healing must be done. This will result in students retaining knowledge much more quickly.

Quick course updates

The educational pills that make up the microlearning, can be updated very easily. This way, you will always be offering the best content to your students, enhancing their impact.

In addition, because it is highly specialized content, it will be much easier to categorize and label it, making it easier for other users to find it later.