Key profiles for developing an e-learning course

The truth is that developing an online training project with quality e-learning courses has its complexity. Because you will need to be able to involve different professional profiles, who can master the necessary skills. In this article we give you the keys to recognize the key figures in the process of creating online training.

Professional profiles involved in an e-Learning coursee-Learning Training Manager / e-Learning Manager

This would be the main figure. He’s going to be the project and team leader. He will be in charge of creating the courses for the company.  Normally this profile is an expert in project management, being present throughout the cycle of evolution

  • You have to establish a minimum quality of training.
  • You also have to organize the work team and its different tasks.
  • Participate in the creation of a budget and its subsequent control.
  • Expert in contents

This profile will be the one in charge of the matter to be developed. Normally an online centre or online school has to create a wide variety of content. This often means that experts from outside the organisation are called in.

Institutional Designer

This profile will put a structure on the content that has been created. Following some pedagogical guidelines, and that can be seen in a didactic way. It can also include an evaluation and navigation system to access the course.

Graphic Designer

He will be in charge of defining the graphic lines. He will also be in charge of the layout of the contents and multimedia resources used.


This profile will be in charge of implementing the necessary computer structure to do the course. It will be necessary that you have experience and knowledge in different programming languages.

Quality Manager

This is the person who carries out the quality tests of the course (in terms of technical and user functionalities). He/she will also be in charge of evaluating the adaptation of the course when used in devices and browsers.

Platform Administrator

This profile will focus on being able to manage the registration and cancellation of users on the platform, as well as the resources you find on it, that is, it will also be in charge of activating and deactivating functionalities. Normally, this profile is in charge of extracting information about user activity and incidents that may occur.


Unlike when we talk about classroom training, the e-Learning modality does not focus on this figure. However, it is still a very important profile when it comes to promoting learning.

Is it really necessary to have all these profiles in your e-Learning project?

There is really nothing established when we talk about e-learning. In this sense, the question you should ask yourself is: What scope do you want your e-learning project to have? The truth is that you are not going to need a big team to do very interesting training. If you have a person with experience in different fields, it can be a good solution for you.