What is x-learning? What are the benefits?

The truth is that the world is constantly changing, and when we talk about the education sector, it is not lagging behind. Even though for many years learning was related to conventional learning. Today there are many alternatives that are adapted to our situation and way of learning. Surely until this moment you thought that e-learning was the newest thing in the education sector, however, you must discover x-learning. We tell you all about this new trend!

X-learning the new trend in education

Today, students are increasingly connected. Having access to all kinds of information at all times. For them, having to go to a traditional school is inconvenient, since it limits their creative abilities, does not allow them to enhance their digital skills and puts doors to the wide field that is knowledge.

Even today, there is still a big gap between what is taught in educational institutions and the real world. That is why many companies have set out to make this gap smaller and smaller.

The gaps that the official education system does not cover are being managed to be solved thanks to LMS and e-learning environments, allowing them to digitize the knowledge they offer. These types of platforms adapt to any type of educational demand, making training accessible from anywhere.

What is x-Learning?

We know, e-learning is booming since some time ago. This teaching modality has been gaining acceptance over the years. However, nowadays the new generation schools are going to opt for something a little more advanced that is the so called “x-learning” this type of learning is based on experiences.

It is out of the question to think that educational models have not changed and will not change. It is essential to think about and adapt education to the new generations, making the student the centre of their training, leaving the teacher as a tutor or moderator of their learning.

Something we can see today in the world of work and job interviews is that there is a growing demand for professionals who have critical thinking, who are also proactive and capable of putting their knowledge into practice.