Advantages of LMS for corporate training

It is possible that more than once you have considered investing in an LMS tool for the corporate training of your employees. The truth is that for any company, renewing the knowledge and skills of its employees has become crucial. 

Having a good training programme has become vital for motivating your team, achieving a greater bond with the company and also boosting productivity.  You could say that corporate training represents a win-win for the company and employee.

If we look at it in pure cost and benefit terms, it is going to be much more efficient to provide our collaborators with continuous training, instead of having to replace the team because their knowledge is outdated.

As we have already mentioned in other Graspway posts, online learning platforms offer a multitude of benefits for both the corporate and educational sectors. Offering online courses opens up a new window of opportunity to complete the team’s IT, language and marketing skills by keeping the staff up to date.

However, you may also wonder, why does my company need to invest in an LMS? Here are the main advantages of opting for an e-learning system for your corporate training

Reasons to consider an e-learning LMS platform for your company

  1. You will be able to centralise the corporate learning you offer: If you opt for an LMS, all your training, content and learning will be offered in a more centralised way in one place. This way your users will be able to access the information they need at the time they need it.
  2. Reduces training costs: Without a doubt, face-to-face training has much higher costs than online training. Aspects such as: the speaker, the material, the room, etc, involve an enormous amount of resources and basic costs. An LMS platform makes it possible to reduce costs considerably.
  3. Training always arouses the interest of employees: In addition, it will allow them to establish new routines by including learning elements in them. They will be kept up to date with new developments, will not get stuck and will improve their performance.

You should bear in mind that an employee may perform tasks repeatedly throughout the week. This makes it easy for them to become bored and unmotivated. If you allow them to acquire new knowledge, you will achieve a rapid change in their attitude.

More advantages of LMS for corporate training

  1. You will get to see real time information about your staff’s learning: Thanks to the statistics you can see in your graspway panel, you will see the learning your staff is having. You will also be able to see who is completing it and who is in the middle of their training. You will also be able to see the people who have not started and even who have choked. Thanks to an LMS you will be able to establish your corporate training strategy.
  2.  Personalised learning: Without a doubt, one of the things most demanded by employees is the ability to be autonomous when it comes to managing their time. LMSs allow any user to connect from anywhere (as long as they have an internet connection).
  3. The LMS platform makes training fun and interactive: In Graspway you can use a forum as well as chats to ask questions. In this way the learning is much richer.
  4. Easy to use: To install an LMS neither you nor your team will need any technical training, because as it is a SaaS, you will be able to enjoy the service from the first moment, starting to create your own courses in record time.
    The LMS platform as a motivational tool in your company

The employees who perform best in a company are those who feel valued. In this way you also get their work performance to increase.

When you get involved with your employees and show your concern for providing them with the things they need, you not only make them more competent but you are helping to strengthen your company.

LMSs have been shown to have a particular impact on motivation rates, significantly reducing absenteeism and boosting productivity.