Advantages of LMS educational platforms

Educational platforms are totally intuitive and user-friendly environments. They are tools that allow schools to save time and money.

In addition, the educational LMSs have modules that facilitate the management of all teaching and communication processes, thus making management easier:

  • Administrative.
  • Academic.
  • Communication.
  • Of the learning process.

LMSs are technological software that offer spaces where the exchange of both content and information is facilitated. In addition, they usually have repositories where you can upload the images you use, in order to generate new resources.

Advantages of LMS or educational platforms

The truth is that having an LMS educational platform is fundamental for any school.

An educational platform will allow you to save time

All teachers in a school spend many hours of their time collecting, creating and copying activity and assignment sheets for their students. When all these tasks are transferred to an educational platform, time is saved for the teacher, making all these contents accessible to the students who have the corresponding subject and in a structured way.

LMSs save the school money

Every year schools invest thousands of euros in school materials. However, once an LMS educational platform is implemented, a large part of these costs can be saved.

Teachers themselves can also save money by including all the information in the educational platform. This way any student will have access to their school content, grades, activities and all kinds of extra-curricular material.

The online training platforms, get a greater interest in the student

The online training platforms allow all students to ask their doubts to their tutors, as well as in different work groups. In this way, a form of collaborative work between teachers and students is established.

Students become an active part of the training, being able to give suggestions to improve the already existing content. In this way, the participation and involvement of the students is improved.

The LMS allows for the optimization of the teachers’ work

With all the time that LMS platforms save teachers in creating school materials, teachers will be able to invest their time in creating a student-centered environment, enhancing learning through resources available on the Internet.

Educational platforms also serve as a reinforcement of the teaching offered in the classroom. In this way, it is possible to analyze what students have learned, improving the information and materials offered. Teaching in this way focuses on giving greater depth so that students can learn as much knowledge as possible, helping their academic success.

Educational platforms increase student interaction

The LMS allows us to attend to the doubts that during the classes there is no time to answer the students. In this way, any student can send their question and receive an answer even outside school hours.

It allows to practice the official exams, improving results

Usually, there is not enough time in the classroom to be able to practice the official exam formats. This problem is solved by online educational platforms. This way, all students can practice, at their own pace, different exams outside the classroom.

Encourages teamwork

Often, the little time available in the classroom greatly limits the development of different activities such as teamwork.

LMS platforms allow students to participate, giving the teacher more time in the classroom for activities of greater value for learning.

The educational platforms are totally transparent so that the teacher can see at all times which student has performed each action, making the teamwork fair and equitable.

Improves communication between student and teacher

LMSs allow for more fluid communication between teacher and student. This way teachers can modify homework assignments, change due dates, make announcements and even solve problems without having to wait for the next day.

An LMS allows for the creation of an educational community

Tutors and teachers will have a virtual space that will allow them to build a better relationship with their students. By having a channel where they can contribute beneficial content for the student, an online educational community will be generated where all members can benefit from the learning process.

You will be able to offer more training content

By using the virtual environment, both students and teachers will have the possibility of having access to a greater volume of information. The LMS will allow the integration of videos, images and files, making them easily accessible.

The use of the educational platform offers a number of advantages in supporting face-to-face teaching that improve results and achieve academic success. It is important to decide what the needs of your school are, so that you can choose the educational platform that best suits your needs. For more information on how an educational platform would benefit your school, please contact us.